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Sara glanced at the ribbons. Pink didn't go very well with lilac hair...well, maybe it did, but she didn't want to be so girly at a time like this. As Amy turned in for the night, Sara shrugged off the awkward feeling and settled against her pack, shoving the ribbons back in for another time. Maybe she'd find more use out of them later. After all, Ridgar had long enough hair to...

"Why are you grinning so much? I hope you'll behave yourself this time," a male voice said near her. Sara turned her honey eyes innocently up at Ridgar, putting on a sugar coated smile.

"Will you punish me if I'm a bad girl?" she teased, her smile playing between seductive and amusment. Ridgar snorted and sat on a log near by, ignoring the question. Sara's grin widened a bit. "You and Tearza were in it pretty deep over there for awhile. Interesting conversation?"


"Care to share it?"

"No." He gave Sara a half smile. "You won't get anything out of me either. What we said is between me and her."

"Oh fine, fine, I don't care what you guys said anyway," Sara said with a wave of her hand. "Is she going to be ok?"

"She should be. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about it."

"Fine..." she muttered again, staring at the trees over head. "Can I ask you something, though?"


"What did you do with the jeweled sword that I, borrowed?"

Ridgar raised an eyebrow slightly. "It's safe. Why?"

Sara shook her head, strands of lilac flying around her face. "No reason. I just...wondered."

Ridgar let out a small sigh, giving Sara a wry look. "You're not getting it back. That sword is extremely dangerous if you don't know how to use it."

"I could learn," she said matter-of-factly.

"Don't worry about it," Ridgar said in a voice that meant this conversation topic was closed.

"Well...ok. I have another question."

He smiled. "Yes?"

"Well, first off, isn't the government out to kill people like us? I mean, we barely escaped with our lives before; and aside from that, I know they have people out to get my head when they see me. I am a thief after all. One of the best."

"Of course."

"So why am I coming back to Risoukyou with you? Why risk it?"

"Because..." he paused, looking for the right words. "Because we need someone like you to help us. You are quick, light on your feet, and hide easily from watchful eyes. You are a thief, and we need someone with those skills to help us save Shaee. I know you are wanted for your small crimes, but I'm willing to overlook all of those in exchange for your help."

Sara was silent for a minute, not sure if she should feel flattered or shamed that someone like Ridgar would be so willing to forgive her. Turning her head to hide the coloring on her cheeks she waved her hand at him again. "Well, ok I guess. Shaee was nice to me before anyway, even though I'm just an ordinary human."

Ridgar nodded once, but didn't say anything in responce to Sara's last statement.
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Sara grinned "Those are some pretty ribbons. They went well with Kalim's... image. Why do you think they're mine?" "Mainly because Kalim was chasing the two of you, practically shouting bloody murder upon the ones who abused his hair so. Besides, pink goes much better with lavender than silver. Here. Even if they weren't yours before, they are now. I think Kalim would want you to have them too." Amy places the ribbons gently in Sara's hand and looks straight into her eyes. She leans back suddenly and laughs "You take good care of yourself, Sara. And if you need help, just give me a holler, and I'll be there if there is anyway for me to do so." She gets up and starts wandering over to Kalim "and if you ever want to put those in your hair, I'll be happy to help with that to."

Camp and supper finish, and Amy slips into a dream of home. She wakes up smiling.
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The watchful eyes

Jake started racing after Qailin as soon as he mentioned Mystairy's name. For an elf, He thought to himself, </i>he sure acts really young.</i>

Jake immediately saw a small spider on his shoulder and brushed it away with one of his free hands, then started sprinting in the direction his comrade was going. He noted that the insect hadn't tried biting him, so he was grateful for that. But he still cringed briefly from having to even touch one of those nasty things. He had always hated spiders...ever since one of his classmates long ago used one as a joke to surprise him in school. Jake ended up in the medicene man's hall for several days as a result of the spider bite he got from it. He never forgave the boy nor forgot the fact that spiders were dangerous. He brushed the thoughts from his memory and kept going, knowing Mystairy needed him.

The spider Jake brushed away skittered to an open area and then vanished. He went through a small opening underground and came out inside what seemed to be a huge cave. Inside were thousands of other small spiders that surrounded a huge monster of them all. The spider that came from the opening chittered and clicked for a bit with the monster, who then looked at Mystairy. The monster spider chittered to the others, who then went away, seemingly to do the monsters' bidding.

Mystairy looked worried as she thought to her son, Be careful, danger is coming...

She said no more as the monster used a foreleg to knock her unconscious.
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And here's the kickoff!

Qailin drew an arrow from his quiver and pointed it high into the air at the creature caught in the web.
Jake grinned smugly, "You'll never hit it, not with a bow, its over 300 feet."
Qailin shot a glance at Jake, then let his arrow fly. The projectile flew true and struck the beast in the heart, it stopped struggling and died shortly after.
The dead creature would attract the web's owner soon, even though their direction wasnt defined, they should get moving.
Jake stood silent staring at the dead beast. Qailin began began scouting out the area, motioning for Mala and Isóril to be his wings. Jake, and Birk moved in behind them, and the group slowly began making their way forward into the Abyss.

Each one of them keeping their eyes glued to the landscape, watching for any form of hostile life.
They moved in silence for many minutes, until finally Jake whispered over his shoulder, "Qailin, something's bothering me..."
Qailin looked over his shoulder at Jake, so he continued, "How did you hit that creature with your bow? Ive only seen a crossbow do that."
Qailin tapped the bow on his shoulder, "This bow is made from an enchanted tree, called Truewood. Its crafted by a Karminy ranger when he reaches commanding officer status."
Birk shook his head, "Then where's your's Mala?"
Mala kept her eyes in front of her, not even blinking as she responded, "Im only an officer. We've been without a commanding officer, for over 60 years now. Since our last Captain left no one has been able to fashion a Trueshot bow."
Qailin turned to Mala, an almost homesick look on his face, "No one has fashoined a trueshot yet?"
Mala shook her head, "No."
Qailin sighed deeply. Isóril carefully stepped over what appeared to be the skeletal remains of some beast.
She addressed Qailin, "Where are we heading?"
Qailin squinted his eyes as he peered far off into the distance, "Im not entirely sure, but it will definately be at the center of this web." He pointed upwards.
A voice entered his mind, "My son, I am in a cave the mountains. Come and find me. I will follow you with my mind, so follow my voice.....I will do my best to help you. "
Qailin's eyes flew wide open and a word rushed out of his mouth, "Mystairy..."
The white haired elf sprinted off without warning, running with demonic speed over the rough terrain, as if he knew exactly where to go.
Jake scratched his head, "I suppose we should follow him?"
Isóril was already breaking into a run, Birk took a hint and started into a trot, with Jake reluctantly starting to run after them. Mala stood silently, her arms crossed, biting her bottom lip, "I grow so tired of him running off like that."
She sighed heavily and burst into a sprint after the rest of the group.
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Maerwen glanced to see that Ryön was safely out of the way, and watched as the orcs began their way down the hill. If only she'd seen where Nia had gone, she'd feel okay. It wouldn't be easy, but she was sure she and Keema could handle the orcs, but if they got Nia...

The orcs were fast. It was only moments before they were surrounded. Keema fired off a bolt, Maerwen lashed out at one, and they continued riding quickly past. Maerwen blinked in surprise. Then she noticed the orcs seemed scared, not of them, but of something else. Like they were being chased. Keema glanced at Maerwen.

"What exactly was that?" Maerwen asked her.

Then, almost in answer, two elves topped the hill, a male and a female. The male elf was running fast enough to catch the horses. The female ran faster than she would be expected to, but not as fast as the male. The male ran quickly, and stopped beside Keema. He waited for the other elf to reach him, and they looked at each other.

Pointy ears, Maerwen noted to herself. Wonder what kind of elf they are.

"I'll get the orcs," the male elf said. "You question the witnesses." She nodded, and he ran off to catch up with the orcs again.

Sitting on a rock, the elf looked over the party intently. "Hello. I apologize for the abruptness of this encounter."

Maerwen glanced at the elf, her whip still ready. "Hello."

"My name is Lyelle. I'm part of the Karminy Thaumaturgic Legion, defense force, fifth division. So is my friend there. We have been assigned to extinguish this orc threat. So, lovely ladies and charming gentleman, what brings you here?" She smiled at all of them.

Keema said, "Hello, Lyelle. My name is Keema, this is Maerwen and Ryön. We're going to the Library at Ghelspad."

Lyelle produced a scrap of parchment and a quill pen from her backpack. "What calls you to the library? Oh, and ages, just for my records?"

"Research," Keema answered. "And I'm not quite sure what our ages have to do with anything."

"So when I report back to my commander, I can say 'I encountered Keema, a human female, age..." She looked at her appraisingly. "Well, you see? It's all bureaucracy. It would help us."

Maerwen lowered her whip and scratched her head. What strange questions.

Keema smiled thinly. "I'm actually half-elven, thank you."

"It's all the same," she said dismissively and jotted that down. "What's a lovely young maiden like you doing traveling without an escort?"

"As I said, we're just out to do some reseach. We weren't aware the lands this close to Karminy forest were dangerous."

"That I must apologize for. It's not usually like this. These times have been chaotic." She continued to make long notes on something.

What is she writing? Maerwen thought to herself. We haven't said anything.

"Indeed. Now, if we can just be on our way?"

"What have you seen regarding this conflict?" Lyelle asked.

Maerwen unconsciously started leaning forward to glance at the notes out of curiosity. It was written strangely, and she couldn't figure out how to decipher any of it.

"These are the first orcs we've seen," Keema answered, and then looked over.

Maerwen caught herself just about ready to topple over and stood up straight again, and quickly nodded to agree with Keema.

"Ah. Your homeland?" She didn't seem to even notice Maerwen peeking.

"I'm quite sure that you don't need that information. I think we'll be leaving now." Keema motioned for Maerwen to help Ryön up.

As Maerwen began to lean down, Lyelle stood and pocketed her notes. "I'm afraid milady, if you must be so secretive..."

Maerwen looked up, sensing trouble. Keema backed up a step. "You have no authority over us."

Uh oh. Maerwen told Ryön to stay put and stepped up beside Keema again.

"Very true, young miss," Lyelle said. "Please sit down."

"I'll do no such thing."

Lyelle stepped forward and grabbed Keema's arm. Maerwen stood defensively, but made no move. She didn't want to hurt anyone trying to do their job, but this was ridiculous. They certainly weren't looking for trouble, but they seemed to have stumbled into it.

"I'm afraid it would be a good idea," Lyelle said sternly.

Just as Maerwen was going to reach for her whip, she heard, "Let go of her, you meanie!"
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Over the river & through the woods....

Amy felt a sharp pang of loss as the connection between her and Mala was severed. She goes over to Kalim and talks for most of the first day with him to settle her inner worry. I'm glad I met him. He is rather ... sweet under all that anger & viniger that has been trained into him. I just hope he finds a purpose that will help him live well. Camp is called for the night, and Amy watches carefully while helping out. Ridgar and Tearza seemed to be having a conversation in the corner; Kalim looked like he'd decided first watch would be his responcebility. That left Sara. Amy smiles and strolls over. "Excuse me, is this seat taken?" she points the ground next to the lavander haired girl.

Sara glances up, looks Amy up & down, and with mischievious smile says "Nope. Have a seat." "Thank you. I don't believe we've actually met yet. I'm Amy." "Sara. So, what's with the ring?"

"The ring is the seal of the Order of Knights I belong to. we are sworn to protect the innocent, and root out evil in its various forms, making the land a safer and better place for all to live. The other ring is the seal of my house, someplace I never expect to see again. My question" she pulls some pink ribbons out of her backback "are these yours?"

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((OOC: Quickblade asked me to put in that this is from Myst's perspective, so all names of creatures should not be taken as actual names. Thank you.))

Mystairy grew disgusted as the Spider Queen began talking to her. She was being told what would become of her.

You are to become the egg-sac for my next batch of young. I will lay my eggs within you, and you will live for many days after, incubating them. After they hatcyou will be their food. You will not die before they have started eating away at you.

The creature cackled and then went silent as she seemed to hear or feel something. She chittered and little spiders, which appeared to be her young from prior batches, came from the walls, some even from the corpses Myst had seen earlier. They flowed around the creature and then moved towards a dim light. Myst thought this looked like the entrance and sent her mind out through it, as far as she could reach.

Her mind touched another and she almost cheered. It was her son. She reached out with her mind, even knowing that he would only hear her as a barely heard whisper, knowing he would recognize her voice. My son, I am in a cave the mountains. Come and find me. I will follow you with my mind, so follow my voice.....I will do my best to help you. She knew he would barely understand, but she hoped he would decypher some of it.

Her mind was brought back into focus as the spiderlings carried in a strange creature. It had long spindly wings that looked like it couldn't hold it. It also had an impossibly long neck and small body. It's tail was twice as long as it's neck. All in all, it was a strange creature indeed. The spiderlings placed it in front of the mother, who had moved to wait. The Spider put two arms to what Myst saw were Isoril's blades and pulled them out, thrown to the side. Myst placed their position and vowed to take them with her when she went. Then she began devouring the poor creature, using it's nutrients to prepare for laying. Myst saw this and sent her thoughts out once more. Gauging by her own experience..she still had a day until it was time. The Spider had to heal before she could lay her eggs.

Please son, come quickly....Mother needs you
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Having watched their companions enter the portal, Keema turned to Maerwen, Ryön and Nia. "Shall we go then, I think Ghelspad is this way." They gathered up their belongings and headed in the direction Keema had shown them, Keema taking Nia's hand to try to keep her from running off. They walked in silence - or would have been if it hadn't been for Nia's incessant chattering. It wasn't long before Nia had worked her way loose of Keema's hand and was running between them trying to engage them in some conversation or other. Keema kept her attention on the road ahead of them, hoping for familiar landmarks to assure her that she was taking them in the correct direction. They travelled for some hours, and then finally left the covering of trees.

The smell of salt on the wind reached them, and in the distance Keema could see the ocean. Now, certain of the way, she pressed on, almost leaving the others behind who Nia was leading while walking backwards, slowing their pace down. Keema waited for them to catch up and then turned back to the road ahead of them. Keema watched the ocean, some distance to their right. She contemplated how easy it would be for her to head to the vast expanse of water, find a ship, and sail home. By sea, the journey would take little more than a few days. She had never liked travelling on the water, but she would accept the turning of her stomach to see home again. But she knew that wasn't an option, she would never be able to travel home.

Keema was pulled out of her reverie by Maerwen, who was motioning towards Nia. Then, for the first time, Keema realised that Nia was now silent. The young girl was staring at a hill to the left.

"Nia? What's up?"

Nia pointed at the hill. "Someone's there. And I don't think they're very nice."

Keema looked inquisitively up the hill, seeing nothing. "Where?"

"They're coming over here. They don't know we're here. And they aren't very happy."

As Keema was still desperately trying to see some kind of life on the hill, Maerwen told Ryön to get off the road, and then readied her whip. Keema reached for her crossbow, and loaded it, her mind rushing through the various charms and chants she knew.

They began to hear the sound of horses approaching, and then topping the hill came a band of about a dozen orcs. Keema turned to Nia to tell her to hide, but Nia was gone. Not having time to start looking for the child, she began her song, a song of friendship which confused a few of the orcs slowing them down. Keema then raised her crossbow as the rest were almost upon them.

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Isóril nodded to Ôrîðñìc and thanked him before walking away. Everyone was standing in groups of two or three talking to each other. She walked to each member of who was going into the Abyss and touched them lightly on the shoulder. "The portal is ready," she would say to each person. "Let us leave."

She walked back to the portal and picked up the torch. Watching the magical flame burned brightly, Isóril tested the flame passing her hand quickly through it. The warm heat from the flame was enough to tell her that the fire was real. When everyone had gathered around, Isóril handed the torch to Jake and reminded him that Keema had the other torch so, both parties could remain in communication .

Isóril was the first to enter the portal and do so with caution. When she emerged onto the other side, she looked around. The area wasn't very dark, but still twilight fell onto the land like a blanket. If one word could describe the Abyss it would be bare. Dirt, soot, ashes, rocks, and more of the same for endless stretches of land. There were no plant life, no houses, no animals or at least animals that would be "normal." The air was filled with the smell of fire, but it was unlike the smell of cheerful flames of a house fire. A slight breeze blew through the land and would carry a stronger stench of fire, but with the scent of burning flesh and death. Isóril looked at the ground; it was lined with cobblestone bricks. Her eyes widen as she went over to one of the "rocks" and touched the rock, which crumbled between her fingers. Gingerly she licked a bit of her finger, where the remnants of the rock stuck on her finger, and rolled the remnants in her mouth before spitting it out.

Isóril felt something prickly on the back of her neck and whirled around, but there was nothing and yet something. Still, she held onto the notion that there was something there. Isóril reassured herself that there was something there because premonitions do not occur without reason and then her hands began to burn again. She checked the bandages again and was relieved, when there was no bleeding. They were closer.

By this point everyone had entered into the Abyss and were surveying the land with grim severity. "We've entered in a town," Isóril said. "The ground has been paved with cobble stones and these rocks are actually walls of ruined homes. However, there aren't any glass shards, wooden doors, wooden signs, or roofs. So, this place has been destroyed for some time."

"I haven't seen anyone or anything," she continued. "Yet I feel something's here."

Something large flew over them and towards what looked like mountains. Everyone stood staring at the flying object by some sort of complusion. It suddenly stopped in mid-air and began to flail about...

... like a fly caught in a spider's web.
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