Lance Quickblade (quickblade) wrote in risoukyou_rpg,
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Should we continue...?

I haven't posted this until now, because I didn't want to jump the gun. It's still entirely possible that I am, but we shall see. It seems that since we got a new server for the content filtering, we have been able to access LJ again, which means that I can and will be able to post and run this again...if there's still interest. That's what this is about. If you're interested in continuing, starting over, or anything else, leave a comment. Even if you're not interested, leave a comment, just so I know. :)
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I think I'll have to say that, whilst I love the game, I probably won't start up again. I tried an email based rpg earlier in the year and just couldn't keep up with it. I'm just unreliable like that. I'm not going to say yes and disappoint, so I'll have to say no. However, I'll still watch and see what goes on if other people do play!

And on another note, it's great to see you back and in one piece! :)
Well, the RPG wouldn't be too much of a time commitment, so sure, I'm in.
I'm in, either way you do it. I'd love to continue, but if we can't get everyone, then we should probably start over.
Shoot, I like my character too much to let go of her yet. =P
Starting over or re-doing what we've already done, either way I'm flexible.
Did you see the comment I left in your journal?
Yup, replying to it there. =)
i think we should start again on gj.. because it's a little more reliable then lj from what i've seen. if we don, then i could prolly be in. i dont have enough characters to occupy my time.. lol

~Bobbie aka Tearza
I'm good to continue, provided we can get enough people who used to play; and/or can find a way to bring everyone into a single group this time :)
Im in! Starting over will probably be our best bet for this one. Doesnt look like we'll have all of the characters back. And Quickblade, if you ever disapear like that again. I will kill you. Seriously... I will... with a spoon.
I insist it be done with a spork.
Done! Vorpal Jewish Spork of Death it will be!