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Psylocke's Shadow

"Have before. Twice, in fact. Pissed me off, too. Takes forever, and hurts like hell. I took a long time with the bastards that tried that one." Amy looks him in the eye "I'm sorry it hurt so much." She sounds and actually is perfectly sincere. "Pain, I can handle. Growing my hair back...that, I hate."

"Indeed. What would you like to know about me?"

"Why the hell do you care about me?"

She raises an eyebrow "Because I value all life." she says simply "even you."

"Heh. Well, mine will last a while, so I guess you don't need to worry so much about me."

Her eyes grow strangely intense "But yours I care about most especially at the moment. It worries me more than all the ones I'll never see again." He stares at you. "Why?" "No one should have to go through centuries of pain for one error in their past."

"Yeah, well....I'm used to it."

"Not even Reis deserved that, and I helped kill him."

"You tried to kill me."

She leans back "No, I didn't. I tried to stop you. There is a difference."

Slayer leans in very close. Ridgar, I think it's about time... he's done playing my game, and is now starting his. "Remember when I spitted that girl on your sword? Which one was it again?" His eyes travel down to the sword at her side. "Did you ever wipe the blood off?"

Her voice fills with controlled anger, but a surprising lack of fear "Do realize I hadn't even been on your continent for 2 days? That I was starved & storm swept? That you and that poor girl were the first people I met?"

"Well, I apologize. I should have said welcome."

"You said it quite effectively. You know, in all my years of being a Rose & Cross, you were the first person I ever took a vow for."

"To stop me or die trying. And you know what?"

"Let me guess, you want the time for me to die trying to be now?" She hops over the counter and moves to start clearing a little room away from the bar. "No" he suddenly says from right behind her. Shit, I didn't even see him move! He grabs the back of Amy's neck and pins her wrist around the her back. Slayer pushes her head down on the bar, and pulls her arm up behind her back, just short of breaking. She holds back a cry of pain. He leans in close, and says.... "I could kill you now. I could have killed you then. But, I won't. For two reasons. Number one. You intrigue me. You don't bore me. You're full of surprises. And that's a rare thing, for me. Number two. As long as you're alive, you'll get to see what I do. The people I kill. And know, you didn't stop me. You cannot stop me. The day you bore me is the day you die. Unfulfilled. Your vow broken. That's why I don't kill you." He lets go, and stops in the middle of straightening up. With a look of disbelief, he stares down at the trident poking through his chest. A sharp twist and it is pulled out. He turns to see Kalim standing over him. Amy goes to her friend. She turns to Slayer as they leave, and says "One other small difference Slayer. I have people who will miss me. And that is what makes life worth being around for."

They walk out together. Amy smiles at Ridgar. "Perfect. We have a place to start working on his downfall. He has earned his black stone, and when his time comes, he will plague this world no more. Let's go rescue your sister."

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