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Psylocke's Shadow

Slayer quaffs his mug of ale "Sure, why not. What did you have in mind?" She leans against the back wall and polishes the remaining glass "You." He chuckles. "I'm that memorable?"

"Frankly? Yes. Not quite on par with Ries, but fairly close... you puzzle me."

"I won't even ask who Reis is. What about me puzzles you?"

"Why you do it. The killing of people whom you've already said you see as chattel, and who obviously can't even give you a moment of challange."

"Boredom. Do you know how hard it is to find someone who CAN challenge me?"

"Then why do you work under someone? You don't seem like the type to take orders from someone weaker than you."

Slayer throws his head back and laughs. She arches an eyebrow and waits paitently for him to stop. He wipes tears of laughter from his eyes. "Who said Caladon is weaker than me?" "You said you couldn't find any challenges"

"I pick my battles. Now is not the time to take him on."

"So you plan on taking him on some day. What are you waiting for anyways." She reaches over with the bottle & tops off his drink & pours a little for herself in the process. "The right time, of course. Meanwhile, I content myself with whoever has the bad luck to piss Caladon off."

"Ahh. Mind if ask you something a little more personal?"

"Why not? You haven't bored me yet."

Amy smiles. "How on Thea did you become, well, like you are? And I'm not just talking about the whole immortal thing. What were you like as a child?" Slayer looks at her incredulously. "What?" Amy puts the rag gently down on the bar. "I'm sorry, which part surprises you? My questions or the fact that I'm asking?"

"Both, actually. Do you have any idea how long I've been alive?"

"I've heard at least a couple hundred years, as I have friends that can place you back that far." She sips her drink, never letting her eyes leave his face.

"I've been alive for well over a century."

"Not as old Matushka, but definately a decent length of time. Can you even remeber your childhood any more?"

"Barely. I don't even remember my real name."

Her voice is calm and soothing "So, how far back can you remember?" Slayer shrugs and takes a drink. "Why the interest?"

"Do you actually care?"

"Not really. I'll just kill you when I'm bored with talking."

Amy smiles again and replies simply "I ask because I care. So, how far back do you remember?"

He laughs again. "Yeah, right. You care." He takes another swig of the wine. "I remember playing swords with a friend when I was a child."

"How old were you?"

"Oh, maybe 8."

"Do you remember your parents at all?"

He's silent for a moment, then reaches out, takes the bottle and a huge drink from it. "I remember them. I killed them."

"How old were you?"


"Do you remember why?"

He sits there silently, staring at the bottle. "No."

Amy nods and lets the silence sit for a moment. "Do you ever miss them?"

he considers for a moment. "Not really, no. Haven't even thought about them in, oh, few hundred years."

"Is there anyone you do miss?"


"Anything you miss from being a mortal?" Amy takes down a different bottle, one that is half full, reaches into her pouch, and pulls out a powder, and dumps it in the bottle, and starts shaking it.

"I can't think of anything. I mean, what is there to miss?"

"Well, your obviously tring to drown out the memory of something, or else you wouldn't inhabit all the bars from one end of the continent to the other.' She looks in the bottle, and shakes it some more, "I mean, why else get drunk?"

"I don't get drunk."

"Never, not for a minute?"

"Can't. Same thing that keep me from getting killed won't let me."

She smiles "Ever miss that?" she sets the bottle down.

"Sometimes, I do, yeah."

Her eyes wander from Slayer to the bottle and back again. "Hmmm. Problem is, I don't know if it'll work on you...."

"If what will?"

She waves at the bottle "It won't kill, you, it won't even kill a normal person. It's a concoction from back home. Try it if you like." He looks at it, and shrugs. "Why not?" With one fast movement he drinks the half bottle down.

"so, how did you become immortal anyways?"

"Well, I was helping these elves....I accidentally killed one. Was, ironically enough, drunk. So, his dad cursed me."

So that's why he hates elves... "He cursed you to live forever? Sounds like a rather stupid curse to me."

"He thought it'd teach me to be more responsible. Yeah, right!"

"How would living forvever help you learn what's right?"

"He thought it would teach me the value of life. What an idiot."

Amy just falls silent at that. After a couple of moments she finds her voice again. "So, life has no value to you?"

"Not really, no."

"Then why were you helping the elves in the first place?"

"I was a soldier. We were helping guard...something....don' know what...."

Soldier, 1000 plus years ago, guarding something for the elves, killed one and was cursed. Ridgar, I hope you're getting this. "Do you remember where?"

"nuh uh......whass..happ'nin'...?"

"I belive its called being drunk. I take it you don't remember the feeling anymore?"

Slayer looks around stupidly "been...a'while....*hic*..."

Amy weaves her hands together and leans back on the wall "Any thing you'd like to ask me?"

He grins, a little sloppily. "Better not....bein' drunk makin' me....*grins*...well, you know...."

"I'd cut them off first." she says with a smile that promises immense pain to any one fool enough to test it.

"They'd just grow back....." His voice was steadying.

"Not in time." Shit, that was fast. Two minutes tops. And I gave him enough to make him drunk for 4 hours.

"Interesting. That would normally make an able drink drunk for an hour at least"

"What's this all about, anyway? Looking for a weakness? I remember your vow, you know."

"Do you actually want to know why this time, or are you just trying to be polite?"

"You got me curious."

Amy shrugs "Sure, I'll tell. I don't kill. Or, to put it more acurately, my entire order doesn't kill. There are VERY few exceptions made in this seemingly simple rule. I'm hoping I don't have to make you one of them."

His mouth widens in a grin. "You couldn't if you tried."

"And why is that?" Don't you want to believe you could ever be good again?" Her smile has a slight twist in it. He leans in close. "I was never good." "Everyone has some good in them. EVERYONE." She pours another round of drinks. "Not me" he knocks back the drink. Amy sighs "Pessimistic, aren't you? And to actually answer your other statment, Ridgar did it. He just wasn't very thorough about it."

"You couldn't be thorough enough. It's been tried. Believe me. Better than you, better than that group of misfits."

"So what, you just can grow back from ash even?" She pours him another drink.

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