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Ridgar looks at Amy for permission, then scans her mind. "You're crazy. How on earth do you plan on getting him to...." he pauses as flame dances in Amy's eyes and her thoughts solidify. "I can't let all those people die, Ridgar. Not if I can stop it. Are you going to help or do I try it alone?"
Kalim looked between them. "Amy, you're not going alone, no matter what it is you plan on doing. Although it might help if you let us in on what you're thinking." Amy took a deep breathe, "All right, here's what I was thinking..." The group gathered around as Amy outlined her idea. A few minutes later, everyone took off at a jog to get to the town faster. It's a good thing I can't read minds. That plan sounded crazier aloud then it did in my head. Here's hoping. I just have to know for sure.
They reached the town in record time, and headed quietly to the bar. Luck, or Theus, was with them, as Slayer had not yet started to kill. Amy tok one last look around, nodded to Sarah & Tearza, stared at Ridgar for a moment, smiled at Kalim, and stepped inside. About 30 people, plus any the bartender and anyone in the back. This had better work. She walked over to the bar and waved the bartender over. "What can I get you Miss?" he said politely. "There is a man in here, over at the other side of the bar. I need to talk with him. Alone. And I'd rather it was alone in a clean bar then in a blood filled one. He's called Slayer." she waits for his eyes to recognize the danger, "Start getting people out of here. Two young ladies will help you once you get started." She hands him a small bag that clinks. "For the loss of buisness."
Amy switches places with the bartender and picks up two glasses, a cleaning towel, and a large jug of wine. She walks quietly towards him as the bartender starts herding people out the door. With a practiced hand, she sets the glass down and pours him a drink. His gaze slowly goes from his glass to the new one in front of him, and travels up the hand to a familiar face. "Hello again" she says with a small smile, "So good to see you around. Care to talk?"

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