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The Raven

OOC first...

I don't know everything that's going on with this group outside of RP'ing. But I want to keep trying to RP here. It's gotten kinda slow...or stopped, over the last three months and I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's a number of things. In my case, it was a matter of priorities away from RP'ing. I've missed each of you and want to keep this going. And so...

Back IC:

Jake used his short swords to keep the huge spiders away. He tried to keep his fears in check, but there were just so many of them...seemingly everywhere. He continued chopping at them, wishing they would go away. He remembered what happened when his little sister got bit by she nearly died from the bite. He gritted his teeth as he kept at it. A few moments later, they disappeared...skittered away, as if something scared them off. Jake could still see them all over him and he kept slicing at what he saw, trying to rid himself of all those horrid and huge aracnids.

"Ummm...Jake?" Birk said, looking rather stunned, "They're gone, you can stop swinging your swords."

He stopped and looked around, noticing that not only was Birk right but that he, Qailin and the others were looking at him with shocked stares. Embarrassed, he cleaned and sheathed his swords and tried to look more dignified.

Qailin snickered for a bit, then looked around saying, "Hey, Mala's not here. Anybody see where she went?"

No one remembered seeing her leave, so Qailin ordered a search of the caverns. Each member would take a corridor and follow it, seeing if they find Mala. "Take about five minutes and then return back here. Use some of the pebbles or chalk marks to show where you went so you don't get lost. Okay...five minute search and then back here. Let's go!"

Jake chose the closest tunnel and went out looking for her. He soon hit paydirt as he saw her footprints in the dirt. He followed them until he got to a clearing. There, he saw Mala trying to touch a butterfly. He noticed something about the insect, though...Since when does a fly give off magic?

He backed away and behind a rock wall. A moment later, he heard singing and started to feel his emotions ebbing very slightly away. It was slow, but he knew this was a magical effect. He could only guess what was happening to Mala...her emotions being drained until she had none at all. What then? With no emotions, she'd be easy prey for this monster. He lifted a single dagger, turned to face the insect, took a second to aim and threw his dagger straight and true...the effects of the song became even worse when he saw the flying insect again. He held his ears after throwing the dagger, trying to block the music...but his own emotions were being drained. He fell to the ground as the song continued in his mind.

Meanwhile, the dagger flew towards the butterfly, closing fast.

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