The Raven (blackravendwm) wrote in risoukyou_rpg,
The Raven

The watchful eyes

Jake started racing after Qailin as soon as he mentioned Mystairy's name. For an elf, He thought to himself, </i>he sure acts really young.</i>

Jake immediately saw a small spider on his shoulder and brushed it away with one of his free hands, then started sprinting in the direction his comrade was going. He noted that the insect hadn't tried biting him, so he was grateful for that. But he still cringed briefly from having to even touch one of those nasty things. He had always hated spiders...ever since one of his classmates long ago used one as a joke to surprise him in school. Jake ended up in the medicene man's hall for several days as a result of the spider bite he got from it. He never forgave the boy nor forgot the fact that spiders were dangerous. He brushed the thoughts from his memory and kept going, knowing Mystairy needed him.

The spider Jake brushed away skittered to an open area and then vanished. He went through a small opening underground and came out inside what seemed to be a huge cave. Inside were thousands of other small spiders that surrounded a huge monster of them all. The spider that came from the opening chittered and clicked for a bit with the monster, who then looked at Mystairy. The monster spider chittered to the others, who then went away, seemingly to do the monsters' bidding.

Mystairy looked worried as she thought to her son, Be careful, danger is coming...

She said no more as the monster used a foreleg to knock her unconscious.
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