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And here's the kickoff!

Qailin drew an arrow from his quiver and pointed it high into the air at the creature caught in the web.
Jake grinned smugly, "You'll never hit it, not with a bow, its over 300 feet."
Qailin shot a glance at Jake, then let his arrow fly. The projectile flew true and struck the beast in the heart, it stopped struggling and died shortly after.
The dead creature would attract the web's owner soon, even though their direction wasnt defined, they should get moving.
Jake stood silent staring at the dead beast. Qailin began began scouting out the area, motioning for Mala and Isóril to be his wings. Jake, and Birk moved in behind them, and the group slowly began making their way forward into the Abyss.

Each one of them keeping their eyes glued to the landscape, watching for any form of hostile life.
They moved in silence for many minutes, until finally Jake whispered over his shoulder, "Qailin, something's bothering me..."
Qailin looked over his shoulder at Jake, so he continued, "How did you hit that creature with your bow? Ive only seen a crossbow do that."
Qailin tapped the bow on his shoulder, "This bow is made from an enchanted tree, called Truewood. Its crafted by a Karminy ranger when he reaches commanding officer status."
Birk shook his head, "Then where's your's Mala?"
Mala kept her eyes in front of her, not even blinking as she responded, "Im only an officer. We've been without a commanding officer, for over 60 years now. Since our last Captain left no one has been able to fashion a Trueshot bow."
Qailin turned to Mala, an almost homesick look on his face, "No one has fashoined a trueshot yet?"
Mala shook her head, "No."
Qailin sighed deeply. Isóril carefully stepped over what appeared to be the skeletal remains of some beast.
She addressed Qailin, "Where are we heading?"
Qailin squinted his eyes as he peered far off into the distance, "Im not entirely sure, but it will definately be at the center of this web." He pointed upwards.
A voice entered his mind, "My son, I am in a cave the mountains. Come and find me. I will follow you with my mind, so follow my voice.....I will do my best to help you. "
Qailin's eyes flew wide open and a word rushed out of his mouth, "Mystairy..."
The white haired elf sprinted off without warning, running with demonic speed over the rough terrain, as if he knew exactly where to go.
Jake scratched his head, "I suppose we should follow him?"
Isóril was already breaking into a run, Birk took a hint and started into a trot, with Jake reluctantly starting to run after them. Mala stood silently, her arms crossed, biting her bottom lip, "I grow so tired of him running off like that."
She sighed heavily and burst into a sprint after the rest of the group.
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